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Civil engineering involves the application of physiological and experimental methods to design, build, and take care of both the built environment and the environment built by nature. It includes railways, airports, dams, buildings, bridges, roads and many more.


It empowers AEC ( Architecture, Engineering and Construction ) groups with prime toolsets and an ideal project environment to shape building structures and systems in 3D quality, offering measurement accuracy, fidelity, and ease.  Advantages of Revit Architecture are:
  • It facilitates remote access by different project teams from different locations
  • It emphasises sustainable processes by saving unwanted paper usage
  • It is user-friendly and adaptable for any process and development practices


It aims to optimise coordination between Structural Documented Designs, prevent errors, and accelerate collaboration between Structural Engineers and various project group members, like Architects, Owners, and MEP Engineers. 
Advantages of Revit Structure are:
  • It offers 3D visualisation of the project, and any changes made to it are automatically updated on other users’ interfaces. 
  • It facilitates collaborative processes and efficient project management
  • It helps in maintaining country-specific standards and compliances


A software solution used by civil infrastructure teams to optimise project deliverables, manage consistent data, and actively approach any project changes. It saves time by managing tasks with the help of high-featured tools and design standards. 
Advantages of Civil 3D are: 
  • It minimises operation costs and ensures productivity
  • It offers enough alternatives to various designs
  • It offers customised solutions according to the project’s need


Microstation technology enables you to preview, document, model, and visualise even complex projects to deliver improved projects. It can deliver the required project of any scale on time within a set budget. 
Advantages of Microstation are:
  • It helps in data integration of any type and format
  • It improves project deliverables
  • It is user-friendly and customisable to multiple workflows


Software for structural load analysis caters to code compliance and exchange data with Revit with the help of BIM-integrated workflows. It helps create more accurate and resilient constructive designs connected and coordinated to BIM. 
Advantages of Robot Structural Analysis are:
  • It provides reliable calculation and project deliverables
  • It ensures productive output from engineers and architects
  • It is user-friendly and adaptable according to project needs


Modelling software used for steel detailing, construction, and fabrication in 3D combines design and fabrication to enhance better communication and exchange of information between steel engineers, detailers, and designers. 
 Advantages of Advance Steel are:  
  • It facilitates collaboration with designers and other team members
  • It helps in creating quick results related to steel connections with infrastructure designs
  • It ensures maximum productivity and minimum operational costs


Innovyze showcases Autodesk as a leading technology in a start-to-finish water infrastructure solution, from its design to on-field operations, intending to create a digitised and more sustainable water industry. 
Advantages of Innovyze are:
  • It emphasises on creating sustainable drainage systems and facilitates the communication between approvers and clients
  • It helps in reducing reworks and saves time and efforts
  • It helps in forecasting any upcoming challenges to cope with them in advance


STAAD stands for Structural Analysis and Design. With PRO, it comes out to be a preferable software used for structural analysis and design such as – towers, buildings, bridges, transportation, industrial and utility structures.
Advantages of STAAD Pro are:
  • It facilitates a flexible working environment
  • It is compatible with materials like steel, concrete, aluminium, etc. 
  • It is compatible with other programs like Staad Pro offshore and Staad Pro foundation.


ETABS aims to cater to superstructure building design and analysis with the help of high-feature techniques, tools and methods, whereas SAFE caters to substructure design and analysis.
Advantages of ETABS & SAFE are:
  • It saves time and effort with automated processes
  • It offers different viewpoints on a model design and identifies errors in advance
  • It facilitates customisation and creates even complex structures
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